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Reflex Buffer Caps (Cushions)

Protective packaging

Nedupack Thermoforming is part of the worldwide ReFlex® alliance. The ReFlex® alliance is a group of companies operating globally that cooperate on the development and manufacture of buffer caps (Cushions).

Nedupack Thermoforming manufactures ReFlex® cushions for the EMEA zone (Europe, Middle East & Africa). The test centre is in Santa Ana, California (USA).

ReFlex® Cushions are patented packaging which enable you, as manufacturer, to deliver your products undamaged to their final destination. ReFlex® Cushions are produced by thermoforming and can be used to pack hard disks, laptops, desktops, monitors, toner cartridges and even bottles of wine. ReFlex® Cushions can be used for a wide range of products; in other words, ReFlex® represents huge added value on any product that requires good protection

The benefits of ReFlex® compared with regular foam and EPS packaging:

- 100% recycled material 

- 100% recyclable

- 100% reusable

- 100% RoHS compliant

- Nestable / stackable

- Saves up to 75%-85% warehouse space

- Saves transport costs

- Saves packaging costs 

- More environmentally friendly 

Nedupack Thermoforming is also glad to develop the best ReFlex® cushion for your product, ensuring it meets your specifications by putting it through drop and free fall tests at our test centre. 

For more information: www.reflexpackaging.com



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