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Biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging

Nedupack Thermoforming is among the pioneers in the manufacture of biodegradable (PLA) packaging. Today we produce more and more PLA packaging made from renewable plant resources in response to increasing demand for this type of solution.

PLA is seen as sustainable because it is made out of renewable plant resources that do not contribute to the emission of the greenhouse gas, CO2, and because they can be composted along with food waste etc.

PLA (Polylactic acid) is derived from renewable resources such as corn and sugar beet. The basis of PLA is lactic acid that is produced during the fermentation of sugar in these crops.

A key feature of PLA is that it as a high level of transparency (like APET) enabling it to do full justice to your product whilst contributing to a sustainable world.

Your product "creates the difference" in our packaging!



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